The Cramper Van – World’s smallest RV

Meet the world’s smallest RV, it’s called, the Cramper Van.

Are you looking new and unique RV? Well, you are on the right place! Meet the Cramper Van. A unique and cute “home” build on a pedal cart.

World's smallest RV

“The concept came about one morning and within 24 hours the whole thing was underway. It is a well and truly stretched 1960 Butllins bicycle and a well and truly shortened and narrowed Autohome Bambi.” says Andy Saunders, the owner and the creator of Cramper Van.

The Cramper van offers four by four living. And that is four feet of space including seats, water, a stove, a table and a bed.

World's smallest RV

After a short period, and a little bit of advertisement, this thing was in 7 daily newspapers, including Sunday Times.
Unfortunately, this cute cramper, is not for sale. Andy says that he created it only for fun.

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