Interesting facts about hiking

Interesting facts about hiking

The list of interesting facts about hiking is endless. On every hike you can learn something new. Hiking is a great cardio exercise that has many health benefits and is also really fun so it doesn’t quite feel like normal exercise. Hiking is great for your cardio fitness and also helps tone your muscles as you navigate through the slopes and rocks. If you are also a nature lover, we hope that you will enjoy in this list.

1. There are, an incredible 24 different types of hiking trails.

2. The longest hiking trail in the world is named Great Trail (formerly the “Trans Canada Trail”), which measures a whopping 14,912 miles or 24,000km from end to end.

3. Hiking can help reduce anxiety and depression. Hiking offers numerous health profits like regulated heftiness and decreased danger of heart sicknesses. 

4. Hiking is the fourth most popular outdoor activity in the US.

5. Hiking can improve your overall sleep quality.

6. Around 10% of all hiking trails are by the waterside, 9% along a river or stream, and roughly 1% along a lake.

7. The average hiking speed is roughly 2.5 miles or 4 km per hour

8. You can improve your memory through hiking

9. Hiking makes you happier

10. Reconnect and take some time to enjoy yourself

11. Hiking is a great way to burn callories

Stay safe & go for a hike !

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