How to stay warm in your tent in winter

Camping in winter and staying warm can be quite challenging. We tried different methods that we saw on internet, but, not always they work as they are described. So, sometimes the most simple and cheap things can be very effective. First of all, let me say that, these tips work fine for short stays, like 1 to max 3 days of camping. For a longer period, you’ll probably need something stronger and more durable.

So, here we go:

1. Fill bottles with hot water
– This is a method that i use since i was a kid. You can use the bottles in more ways. You can hug them (that’s how i was using them when i was a kid), you can put them near your legs / feet’s or any part of your body. This method will last around 2 or 3 hours.

2. Thick sleeping pad
– The sleeping pad is a great isolation, it will protect your body from the cold ground. If your pad is not thick enough, try to put another blanket on the top of the sleeping pad. It will be more comfortable and warmer.

3. Warm rocks
– Warm rocks, yes you heard good. This is very interesting and simple method. Take couple of rocks and put them next to the campfire, but PLEASE, be careful. Don’t touch them with bare hands, you will get burns in a second. Always use a stick or a peace of metal to move them away from the fire and wrap them in towels. Next, you can use them similar as the bottles with hot water. They can be next to you, with you in your blanket or as you wish. Good thing here is that rocks, when they are heated, they keep their temperature very long time.

4. Exercise
– Don’t go to bed cold, you will need extra time to warm yourself. Our advice is to make some exercise or take a short run, just to make your blood circulation faster and warmer. Plus, take some hot drinks.

5. Don’t take HUGE tent
– Big tents are quite hard to warm them up. Smaller tent, faster warming.

– If you camp with your dog/s, let them sleep with you! 🙂

I hope that we’ve help you and that you learned something new. If you have more methods and tips, let us know in comments. Thank you and have a WONDERFUL day!

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