Hiking in Slovakia – DON’T miss this places

Hiking in Slovakia! This country is a must in your wish list!

If you are planning to visit Slovakia, then you can’t miss these places!

Trying to  find the best way to explore this amazing country ? The answer is simple – Hiking. Around 40% of this beautiful European country is forested. There are 1,103 hard trails in Slovakia ranging from 0.7 to 144 miles and from 341 to 8,517 feet above sea level. Start checking them out and you’ll be out on the trail in no time!

Slovakia has so much to offer from demanding alpine tour in the smallest European mountains of High Tatras to a simple walk in the beautiful woods.

Check out our list of favorite hiking trails in Slovakia

1. Janosikove Diery

Hiking in Slovakia

It is located in nature reservation Rozsutce and the valley river is forming numerous waterfalls and rocky formations and this is one of the most beautiful hiking trails.

–  Level: Medium

– Length: 5.8 / 3.6 miles

– Elevation gain: 445 m/ 1459 ft.

– Route type: out and back

– Advice: It is better to visit Janosikove diery during the week days.

2. Peak Velky Rozsutec – Mala Fatra Mountains

Hiking in Slovakia

– Level: Difficult

– Length: 12km/ 7.45 miles

– Elevation gain: 1100m/ 3600 ft.

– Season: all season, even in winter (for hikers with previous experience)

 3. Ridge hike in the Low Tatras – Chopok – Dumbier

Hiking in Slovakia

The main ridge of the Low Tatras mountains

– Level: Medium

– Length: 17.5km/ 10.8 miles

– Elevation gain: 2024 m/ 6640 ft.

– Season: All season

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