Hiking for beginners

Hiking for beginners

Hiking tips for beginners. Enjoy and be safe in your first hike!

Hiking outdoors has plenty of perks: nice views, fresh air, and the sounds and smells of nature.

Transported by your own two feet and carrying only what you need for the day on your back, you can discover the beauty of nature at whatever pace you’re comfortable with.

Planning your hiking expedition can be a bit overwhelming, especially for beginners. No matter if you are planning to hike a mountain, or get out on a local easy trail these hiking tips will be sure to help navigate and guide you into the world of hiking.

TIP 1: Pick & Plan an easy route.

Your first hiking trip doesn’t need to be some long distance trail with huge elevation gain.

For beginners it’s best to try out lots of short, not-too-difficult trips until you’re able to build your fitness, skill and confidence. After all, your first hikes should be fun, not frightening. You can get all of the information you need on www.alltrails.com

TIP 2: Check the weather

Always check the weather. You should always be prepared for everything. It always a good idea for your first hike to pick a day where it looks like it’s going to be optimal sunshine.

TIP 3: Go with someone who has backpacking experience

Hiking with friends or family that’s used to hiking is a great tip for beginner hikers. It always feels more comfortable when you head out with someone that has done it before and that even might know the route you’re doing. . It will help you to plan better, pack and navigate.

TIP 4: Good hiking boots & backpack that fits

It’s important to pick  hiking backpack if going on a backcountry trip that fits your frame and will hold all that you want to carry with you on your hike.

Some people love wearing trail runners and other prefer boots. For hiking I prefer waterproof boots with ankle support. Quality hiking boots, backpack and everything you need for your hiking trips can also be cheap. It doesn’t always mean that you should buy the most expensive gear if you want quality. You can check https://www.decathlon.com/ . Decathlon is always my best choice.

Tip 5: Bring enough water & food

Make sure you bring more water and food snacks than you think you need. Snacks like dates, nuts, seeds, bananas, and other fruits are superb for an energy boost on short stops and will keep you going for longer. If you’re a fan of energy bars, bring them with you!

Tip 6: Bring sun protection

One of the most important beginner hiking tips is to always bring sun protection when you hike on a sunny day, especially in warmer countries. Remember to put on your sunscreen on your arms, legs, face, and neck before setting out. And don’t forget behind the ears!

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