Camping with kids? Here’s what to do

Camping with kids? Here’s what to do, to make it more easy and interesting.

From babies to teens, kids of all ages will find so many things to captivate them on a camping trip. Camping games with kids, swimming hiking, sitting around the fire. Camping can open their eyes and awaken their senses to their natural environment. There are so many new things to do and see when you’re camping with kids. Here are some tips and ideas that we thought that you can find useful and make memories for a lifetime.

* Let the kids help with packing

We should leave the kids pack their own camping gear, following a list with the things they need to pack. Before leaving the home, we can just make a double check, just to make sure.

* 3 Camping games for kids

Camping with kids

1. The alphabet game

– This is the most popular camping game between families. Kids are searching the campground or trails for things that start with each letter of the alphabet, in order.

2. Scavenger hunt

This game is a great way to get kids interested in a nature walk.  Make a list with a things and you can walk along the trail while the kids are searching the things from the list.

3. Hide and Seek

This game at the campground is a different Hide and Seek game than the one at home. The kids explore all the nooks and crannies of the campsite, find weird places to hide and get to know the campground.

* If you are camping with a baby, here are so helpful tips

– Leave during nap time, this way it would be much more peaceful for baby and parents.

-Bring a baby carrier

– Bring easy foods

– Turn off the phones and enjoy in the family time

* Dress your kids with layers

Check the weather and dress your kids for those outdoor conditions. Exactly what your child needs to wear outside depends on lots of factors, including age, activity level, personal metabolism, outside temperature, wind speed and more. The examples below are for an average kid old enough to head down the trail under the power of their own two feet.

* Pitch an extra tent

It’s not always possible or practical but consider bringing two small tents or a larger tent with a separate screened “room” for your privacy-craving teenager. Having a separate sleeping area gives older kids a little independence and some control over their domain. Let them bring along a friend or camp with another family with older kids.

* Use a hanging clothes organizer to organize your campsite

* Stick to familiar bedtime

If you read a few books with your child before bed each night, don’t skip it just because you’re camping. Young kids love routine. Put them in sleeping pajamas, brush teeth and read a few books.

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