Camping Quiz

Camping Quiz! Are you a true camping / outdoor enthusiast? Check your knowledge and answer these questions.
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camping quiz

Camping Quiz

This camping quiz will help you to increase your knowledge.

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What should you do if you need a poo in the wilderness?

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This tent is traditionally used by Indigenous people all over the world and it’s called:

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What is cowboy camping?

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A tent that’s low to the ground, barely there, and just for one person?

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When buying a sleeping bag what does the TOG rating mean?

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When it comes to camping food, what are tic tac boxes good for?

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What’s the name of the tents that go up in a few seconds, cheap and popular at festivals?

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Which camping film concludes with the message ‘Happiness is Only Real When Shared?

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These tents are popular in deserts, especially Wadi Rum in Jordan for example?

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