Camping in Alaska

Have you ever thought about camping in Alaska?

Camping in Alaska can be the most exciting and adventurous experience in your life. This state is the only state in the United States where you can see glaciers, rainforests, and the Northern lights, all in one trip. Alaska is full with breathtaking sights and unforgettable experiences. Alaska is the perfect place for campers to get away and enjoy, there are plenty of campgrounds and adventures around every bend.

Camping in Alaska

Must-knows when going on a camping trip in Alaska :

– When is the best time of year for camping in Alaska
Alaska is huge and weather is significantly different in different parts of the state.  The season in Alaska is too short for travel and camping. The best time is from May to September. The tent camping season in Alaska can be open as early as May and and late as September. Overall, June and July have the warmest and driest weather, but you can experience cold and rain anytime, so you’ll need to be prepared for all weather conditions no matter when are you visiting.

It does not get dark in summer in Alaska – from late May through July it will be daylight all or most of the time

Northern lights – If you are planning to see the Northern lights the best time to go camping in Alaska is late August or September. The viewing season lasts almost seven months. Alaska is considered one of the best spots to witness the northern lights, and camping under the northern lights in Alaska is certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Also during this time of the year the chances оf bugs are lowest.
The best place/ area to camp if you are hoping to catch the Northern lights are Denali National Park or the Interior (Fairbanks and Chena River State Recreation Site or Chena Lake Recreation Area).

Camping in Alaska

Tent camping/car camping

If this is your first trip to Alaska, you should check  as a start. Here you can make all your reservations and find more information about your camping trip to Alaska. Many private campgrounds fill up quickly during the summer camp season, so make your reservation as early as possible.

If you plan to camp in a tent there are few things that you should consider like:

– If you’re tent camping in Alaska, make sure your tent is free of any holes in the mesh that would let   bugs in, make sure it has an excellent and full length rain fly. It is also critical that you never ever leave any food in your tent EVER for bear protection.

– Bring a tarp to put over the tent. Even seam-sealed rainflies can have leaks.

– Bring a mat for under your sleeping bag, both for comfort and for warmth.

– Bring a ground cloth or extra tarp for under your tent. It helps keep it clean when packing up and moving on.

*  Best places for camping in Alaska

1. Squanga Lake

The Squanga Lake Campground, operated by Yukon Parks, is located at Km 1316 of the Alaska Highway.

It has 16 campsites, 4 of them pull-throughs. It also has a tent-camping area, a boat launch, and a kitchen shelter.

Squanga Lake Campground is open and fully serviced from April 30 to September 30, 2021

2. Eagle’s Rest RV Park & Cabins

Eagles Rest RV Park & Cabinsis located at 139 East Pioneer Drive in beautiful Valdez, Alaska.

This park in Valdez allows for some of the best views for RV camping in all of Alaska. There are stunning mountain views, towering waterfalls on all sides of the park, and opportunities to see wildlife, including of course the mighty eagle.

The surrounding town of Valdez has plenty to offer campers, such as helicopter tours, glacier tours, and rafting trips. Eagle’s Rest makes planning these adventures a breeze, as they can take care of all the booking and ticketing.

For more information check this link:

3. Denali National Park & Preserve


Denali National Park & Preserve has 6 campgrounds along Denali’s Park Road. This is one of the largest national parks in the United States. All six campgrounds are unique in their location and the access they provide to different areas of the Park.

Camping in Alaska
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– Savage River Campground

Savage River is part of the Denali  National  Parks system and located 13 miles into Denali National Park. It is a quieter park than Riley Creek since it is located away from the noisy park entrance. If you are lucky, you’ll see moose, grizzly bears and other wildlife. The Savage River Shuttle provides free transportation to and from the park entrance.

Camping in Alaska

Riley Creek Campground

Offering nearly 150 campsites, Riley Creek Campground is located immediately on the left side of the Denali Park Road after turning off of the Parks Highway (Highway 3).

 This campground is located near the Riley Creek Mercantile, Denali Bus Depot, Denali Visitor Campus, and numerous hiking trails making Riley Creek Campground the most accessible campground to park amenities.  Riley Creek Campground is also the only campground inside of Denali National Park with cell phone coverage.

 – Sanctuary Campground

Tucked away off the Denali Park Road, Sanctuary Campground is a small, tent only campground accessible by Camper Transit Bus, bike, or on foot. Advance reservations are offered in 2021 for this campground. Campsites may be booked in person at the Riley Creek Mercantile or Denali Bus Depot, online, or through the Reservation Office.

Teklanika Campground

Teklanika Campground provides a unique park experience for those wanting more time in the park and a truly remote camping experience among the backdrop of Cathedral Mountain and Teklanika River. Because Teklanika Campground is located within the restricted section of Denali Park Road, there is a minimum 3-night stay for anyone wishing to drive their RV or private vehicle to this campground. . Be sure to bring everything you need to make your stay an enjoyable one.

Igloo Campground

Quiet campground located in Igloo Forest, Igloo Campground is a small, tent only campground accessible by Camper Transit Bus, bike, or on foot. Advance reservations are offered in 2021 for this campground. Campsites may be booked in person at the Riley Creek Mercantile or Denali Bus Depot, online, or through the Reservation Office.

Wonder Lake Campground

The furthest campground from the entrance to Denali National Park and Preserve, Wonder Lake Campground is a tent only campground accessible by Camper Transit Bus. The mosquitoes and other biting flies can be quite thick from June until late-August so come prepared.

For rates, reservations and more information about Denali National Park & Reserve campgrounds you should check the link below:


 4. Bartlett Cove Campground – Glacier Bay National Park

At the Bartlett Cove Campground, cooking is only allowed on the beach, which also has amazing sunsets

The beautiful setting and access to hiking trails, kayak rentals and the day boat tour to see the incredible glaciers of Glacier Bay top off this wonderful and peaceful campground. If you plan to visit Glacier Bay with a vehicle, please be aware that the Bartlett Cove campground is a walk in campground, accessible by foot only. There are no RV facilities or vehicle camping areas within the park.

5. Diamond M Ranch Resort

 Over the years, Diamond M has been chosen out of RV parks from all over Alaska and received awards and astounding reviews. Horseback rides, golf, frisbee golf, and campfire socials-this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the great amenities that Diamond M Ranch provides to its guests!
You can read more about Diamond M Ranch Resort here :



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