Camping checklist for begginers

Is this your first camping trip? Don’t worry, here’s what you should take with you!

Camping is the perfect getaway from your daily life. It will help you to de-stress, reconnect and unwind. If you are a beginner and have never been on a camping trip, there will be some tips and checklists that you will need to know, to make your first camping trip easier and full of memories.

Camping checklist
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Camping can be the most exciting and adventurous experience in your life, also you can spend quality time with your family and friends.

 When you start buying camping gear and equipment, it will never be enough. You will always find something interesting and new that you will want to have on your next camping trip.

However, we choose and made a list with must-have equipment for beginners:

Camping checklist for begginers

1. Tent

2. Sleeping bag

3. Sleeping pad

4. Camping chair

5. Stove and lighter

6. Pots, plates, spoons etc.

7. Lantern

8. Cooler

9. Food

A good tip to know, is, when you are looking for a tent to buy, you should check things like wind-resistant, heat resistant, waterproof, and good ventilation.

 Quality camping gear and equipment can also be cheap. If you are looking for great quality and price you should check the Decathlon store.

This article is not sponsored by Decathlon, we are just expressing our opinion and experience. We hope that this article will be helpful for you.

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